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The best-reviewed Mac client for Inbox by Gmail, with gorgeous themes and many native features.

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Boxy 2 is finally here. The email client you know and love, only much better.

We love Inbox by Gmail, and since we first launched Boxy we committed to create the best possible Mac client for it. With Boxy 2, we take this client to the next level, with a redesigned UI, tons of improvements and new features.

The power of Inbox by Gmail, finally on your Mac

A few years after launch, Inbox by Gmail is now a mature and flexible email interface that makes other paradigms feel old and stale in comparison. Try it with Boxy and let your email become your your digital life hub.

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All your accounts at your fingertips

With a faster and more reliable multi-account, Boxy 2 also introduces a brand-new Status Bar menu that you can open to quickly glance at your accounts, from wherever your are.

Powerful and beautiful composer

Format your message as you wish, attach files stored on your computer or on your Google Drive, create and reuse templates to save precious time.

Rich email experience

Save links from your smartphone, preview attachments, respond to Google Calendar events, check your flights and train status and much more. Your inbox has never been this comprehensive.

Reader mode

We love newsletters, and we think most email clients aren't the best place to read them. With Boxy, we want to change that—when you get that lovely long email you want to read comfortably, press Cmd+Shift+R or click the dedicated button to activate the Reader Mode and enjoy an interface-free reading experience.


Boxy will push notifications for all your accounts instantly, to keep you up to date about all your emails.

Default client

You can set Boxy as your new mail app. When you'll click a "mailto" link in your browser, Boxy will launch and set up a new message for you. And Boxy also supports multiple accounts.

Always in sync

If you start writing an email, its draft is always synced to your account, so you can pick up later on mobile or on another Mac. The same is true for your inbox, you'll always be up to date.

Search everything

One of the biggest perks of using a web-based email client is that you don't have to wait for download times when you search in your archive. Searches are instant and powerful, with smart queries and filtering.

Handy shortcuts

To provide the best possible user experience, we implemented familiar shortcuts available in many other Mac apps.

Always up to date

We constantly monitor Inbox by Gmail changes and new features, which we always support as soon as they're available, so Boxy is always update to date and running smoothly.

Light, fast and safe

When you close its window, Boxy keeps running in the background and it's always ready to go, fetching new emails in background. And since the app is based on an Inbox webview, we don't store your logins or access your information.

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Fabrizio is a filmmaker who's always been passionate about tech and design

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Francesco is a computer scientist and engineer with a passion for product design