The best Inbox by Gmail client for Mac.

A minimal, yet powerful e-mail client to swiftly get through your e-mails, saved links, Google Calendar invites, planned trips and so much more.

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Snooze for later
Reminders and pinned items
Reader Mode
Markdown support
OS X style shortcuts
Full screen composer

Your new favorite email client

We fine-tuned the look and feel of Inbox by Gmail, crafting a responsive and customisable UI built to look great on OS X.

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An email client might be your most frequently used apps, so you should be able to make it look the way you want.
We provide you with 4 different themes to accomplish that.

Black Theme Dark Theme Light Theme White Theme

Why Inbox?

Inbox by Gmail is the future of email according to Google. It's essentially a new interface for Gmail, where emails are treated like todos, so you can Snooze them and add Reminders. Bundles will help you keep your inbox organized, and with Highlights everything will be at your fingertips, with content previews right in your inbox.

Find out more on Inbox official website

All your emails at your fingertips

Boxy supports multi-account, and with multi-window it also allows you to keep more than one account open at the same time. To try it, Alt+Click on an account in the Account menu of the app.

A powerful email composer

We love the simplicity of Inbox by Gmail, but we wanted to build on top of that to make it more powerful. That's why in Boxy you can convert to and from Markdown syntax on the fly.

Reader mode

We love newsletters, and we think most email clients aren't the best place to read them. With Boxy, we want to change that—when you get that lovely long email you want to read comfortably, press Cmd+Shift+R or click the dedicated button to activate the Reader Mode and enjoy an interface-free reading experience.

A custom experience

Choose your style and change your settings to make Boxy your own. A great email client is also personal and customisable.


Boxy will push notifications for your currently used account instantly, and it will simultaneously download new messages in background for you. It will also pull avatar pictures from

Handy shortcuts

To provide the best possible user experience, we implemented familiar shortcuts available in many other Mac apps. These are a few examples:

  • ⌘N ⟶ New message
  • ⌘F ⟶ Search in your inbox
  • ⌘L ⟶ Show/hide the sidebar
  • ⌘ 1, ⌘ 2... ⟶ Switch folder
  • ⌘ Shift R ⟶ Reader mode
  • Ctrl 1, Ctrl 2... ⟶ Switch account
  • Ctrl ⌥ 1, Ctrl ⌥ 2... ⟶ Open account in a separate window

Light, fast and safe

When you close its window, Boxy keeps running in the background and it's always ready to go, fetching new emails in background. And since the app is based on an Inbox webview, we don't store your logins or access your information.

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