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This is the official support page of Boxy.

Boxy is acting weird, what can I do?

There are some rare issues that might happen from time to time: some glitches in the main view, issues with accounts disappearing/not working, random crashes of the app.

If none of the steps described here works, try contacting us and we'll do our best to help you.

Keyboard Shortcuts aren't working

If keyboard shorcuts like `Cmd + Enter` to send an E-mail aren't working for one or more of your accounts, it's probably because they're disabled. You can check this by pressing `Cmd + ,` or going to Boxy → Preferences, then visiting the `Other` Tab and making sure the `Keyboard Shortcuts` item is checked.

Attachments and/or other images are broken

A small number of users reported this issue: attachments previews and/or other images appearing broken, as if Boxy is unable to load them.

In almost every case the affected users were able to solve this problem by hitting Reset Boxy in Boxy's Preferences (Cmd+,). After doing that you'll need to re-add your accounts.

I can't see or click on the account button

Sometimes the Inbox by Gmail webapp changes and we have to quickly adapt our Boxy backend to reflect these changes. They're usually minor changes, but one thing that tends to break a bit more than other is the account button in the top right corner of the UI (it usually displays your avatar).

If you're having issues with that button, please wait a few hours (often even less), then just refresh Boxy (Cmd+Alt+R) or restart the app. It will be most likely fixed because we push these fixes remotely, usually in a few hours.

Meanwhile you can try to use the Account menu in Boxy's native menu bar, since it usually keeps working even with these kind of issues.

How do I add a simple text or HTML signature?

You can add a signature that will be added to the bottom of your emails after you've sent them by going in the Inbox Settings (via the last button in Boxy's Sidebar or the Inbox Settings item in the Boxy top bar menu) and visiting the Signature tab.

You won't see the signature in the email composer but it will be added when you send, and it will only work when sending from your primary email address.

Beside writing a text signature, you can paste in the "Type your signature" box any HTML content and images. The images have to be on the web, not on your computer, to be available in the signature as well.

We recommend using a free tool like (it works in Google Chrome), Exclaimer or Signature Maker to create your signature online and use it in Boxy. After you finish editing your signature, just copy it and paste it in the signature field in Boxy.

How can I get a refund?

If you've purchased Boxy on the Mac App Store in the last 14 days, you can ask for a full refund here. If you've purchased it on our website contact us.

Is authenticating in Boxy safe?

To offer you the personalization and the interface that make Boxy unique, we currently inject our own Javascript code in the main Inbox interface. This is required by the nature of our app, which wraps the Inbox web interface in a native shell to offer you more features than the webapp.

We aren't in any way accessing your personal data. We access the webview with scripts and CSS customizations only to add features and change the looks of Inbox to better fit OS X.

What are the minimum requirements to install Boxy?

Any Mac capable of running OS X 10.11 El Capitan won't have problems running Boxy.

If you have performance issues, go to the Interface tab in the app Preferences and check "Basic styling".

Can't find the answer to your question or need to file a report?

Please get in touch with us.