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What are the minimum requirements to install Boxy?

Any Mac capable of running OS X 10.11 El Capitan won't have problems running Boxy. You haven't upgraded from Yosemite yet, the update is available as a free upgrade to Mac users.

If you have performance issues, go to the Interface tab in the app Preferences and check "Basic styling".

Can I use Boxy with my Gmail account? I've never used Google Inbox

Good news, you can! But you might have to download the official Inbox by Gmail mobile app (either on iOS or Android) and login there to activate your account.

What Gmail settings carry over to Inbox?

There are some settings that can only be changed in Gmail, like the vacation responder, filters to delete and forward emails or setting up aliases. To change language you have to visit this page.

Can I use Boxy with a different email provider?

To do this, you'll have to import your other account in a Gmail account first, and use that account in Boxy. Follow this guide to import old and new messages from your other email provider into Gmail.

Can I login with my Okta, OneLogin or other external authentication systems?

Yes, with the now released version 1.1 Boxy fully supports Google 2-Step Verification and login systems like Okta and OneLogin.

Can I use Boxy with my Google Apps for Work account?

You can use Boxy with a Google Apps for Work account, but Inbox has to be activated on that account. It's also possible to enable Inbox on Google Apps for Education accounts.

Does Boxy support multi account and unified Inbox?

Boxy supports multi account, but there's currently no unified Inbox, but as soon as Inbox by Google will implement it, we're going to fully support it with a free upgrade.

You can also use more than one account at once. To do that, ⌥ Click on an account in the Account menu.

How do I attach a file or image to an email in Boxy?

Boxy currently handles attachments via drag and drop only, on the message body in the separate compose screen. Clicking on the attachments icon also brings out a panel with the most recents attachments of your incoming and outgoing messages.

How do I quickly delete emails instead of archiving them?

Click on Boxy ⟶ Inbox Settings, then go to the “Other” tab, then select the "Move to Trash" option under “When removing messages, I prefer to…”. You’ll now be presented with the default option to delete emails instead of archiving them.

Can I use Boxy in full-screen or split-screen?

Of course, just click on the little green circle in the top left corner of the app. To use split screen, click and hold on that green button, drag and release the window on the right or left side of the screen, then select the other app you want to use beside Boxy.

Does Boxy work with keyboard shortcuts?

Absolutely. Some of them are custom made for Boxy, like the ones you see below. Please check your Inbox preferences (scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and hit Settings) to see if Keyboard shortcuts is checked (it's in the Other tab).

If shortcuts aren't working for you, make sure to enable them. To do that, go to Boxy ⟶ Inbox Settings, then go to the "Other" tab and check "Keyboard shortcuts".

Is authenticating in Boxy safe?

To offer you the personalization and the interface that make Boxy unique, we currently inject our own Javascript code in the main Inbox interface. This is required by the nature of our app, which wraps the Inbox web interface in a native shell to offer you more features than the webapp.

We aren't in any way accessing your personal data. We access the webview with scripts and CSS customizations only to add features and change the looks of Inbox to better fit OS X.